"WABASH" ARTISAN BREAD FLOUR (90% Whole Grain Average)


"WABASH" ARTISAN BREAD FLOUR (90% Whole Grain Average)

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Professional and home bakers alike are raving about this special blend of hard red spring, and hard red winter wheat. The sifting produces a smoother flour perfect for the crackling crust and airy crumb of baguettes and boules. Although the resulting loaves are light in texture, they are robustly flavored. 

Milled from: 50% GLENN and 50% WARTHOG  

Protein: 10.7%

Extraction Rate: 90%

Flavor profile: Lightly nutty and earthy

Great to use in:  Traditional breads such as pain de campagne, boules, baguettes, and other breads with a crunchy crust, and chewy crumb. (1.5 pound retail pkg)

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