NEW! Spelt Flour (100% Whole Grain)

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NEW! Spelt Flour (100% Whole Grain)

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Spelt is an ancient grain, an 8,000-year-old relative of durum wheat that originated in present-day Iran. From the near-East, it spread rapidly throughout Europe, becoming especially popular in Germany.

Spelt has never been hybridized, so has retained its wholesome nutrient profile. Our spelt flour is milled on our cool millstones to retain its full nutrition and flavor.

Protein: 11%

Extraction Rate: 100%

Flavor profile: Mild, with a slight earthiness

Great to use in . . . everything!  We’ve found that spelt can be substituted for all-purpose flour (such as our Iroquois flour) in most recipes, including for pancakes, muffins, cookies, breads, crackers, and pasta. You may want to experiment using different amounts of spelt flour in your favorite recipes until you come up with the best percentage for your taste.(1.5 and 3 pound retail packages)

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