A Few of our favorite Recipes

A huge thank you to all who have shared their recipes and photos.  Send us yours!


Cuccìa -- made with our whole wheat or rye berries

Cuccìa is a grain “pudding” that goes way back to Greek and Roman times. It is always made for St. Lucia’s feast day (Dec. 13) in Sicily. The story goes that when the Sicilians were suffering from a famine and prayed to St. Lucia, the next day ships bearing grain arrived. People were so hungry they didn’t bother to mill the grain and bake bread—they simply soaked and boiled the berries, then combined them with various ingredients and ate them! There are many different recipes, but I like this one from Mama Lisa.

Honey-cinnamon graham crackers -- made with our heirloom turkey red "Mackinaw" flour

Monica Kass Rogers is a wonderful writer, photographer, and human being! She visited our mill, and shared her amazing recipe for graham crackers using our 100% whole-kernel (unsifted) Mackinaw flour, ground from heirloom Turkey Red wheat. Click below for her recipe, along with a mini-history of the Mr. Graham and his cracker, on her blog that combines her research into vintage recipes with up-to-date recipes and gorgeous photos -- like the one here with her home-made graham-cracker 'Smores!

Rye Brownies.jpeg

Rye brownies -- made with our whole-kernel rye flour

Our miller, Jill Brockman-Cummings, tasted these addictive brownies made by Rachel Bernier-Green, co-owner of 'Laine's Bake Shop, at a grain workshop in Chicago. 'Laine's Bake Shop is a family-operated artisan baking company with a mission to connect people through good food, as a way to revitalize urban communities beginning with the south side of Chicago. They ship their creations nationwide and also cater treats for local celebrations.  Click below for Rachel's Rye Brownie recipe!


PIE CRUST -- made with our whole-wheat pastry flour

Once you start using our freshly-milled flours for pie-crust, you’ll never go back to industrial flour (or frozen store-bought crusts) again! While most pie bakers gravitate to our “Des Plaines” whole-wheat pastry flour, you may also use our “Iroquois” all-purpose flour, our Spelt flour, or any combination of flours. And if you are using high-quality, organic, stone-ground flour, you’ll also want to use a high-quality organic fat, whether that’s butter, lard, coconut oil, or even olive oil. If you’d like a video tutorial for an all-butter crust that’s one of our favorites, click on the link below.

stay tuned . . . more recipes coming soon!